traditional verandahs & carports roofing & guttering are experts in building you the perfect deck .

over the past 30 years we have custom designed hundreds of decks across adelaide of all shapes and sizes and using a variety of different materials. 

adding a deck to your existing home will Transform the look and feel of your outdoor area, creating more space to entertain and a place for your children to play in a safe environment. 

by building a deck, you will also be adding value to your home, when it comes time to selling your house a deck is often looked upon as a highly desired addition. 

When constructing your deck we use the very best products to complete your job.


Hardwood decking is all about creating a style statement whilst ensuring the maximum durability for the structure.

Hardwood decking has a natural aura with individual timber species each having their own distinctive grain, colour and character.  Decking is also a great way of spending more time outdoors, without the expense of building an extension to your home. I

Indigenous Hardwoods For Decking

Some of the more commonly utilised indigenous hardwoods include cedar, redwood, jarrah, and ironbark, redgum, blackwood and northern mahogany; amongst others. Ironbark, spotted gum and tallowwood are considered some of the most durable of the local hardwoods and need very little treatment to remain durable in a fully exposed location.  Jarrah is perhaps the most in need of treatment if it is to be utilised in a similar manner.

Benefits of Hardwood Decking

Hardwood decking gives you a range of benefits, including:

  • Is more durable than softer timbers such as pine

  • Makes for reduced maintenance

  • Can be sanded down and resealed

  • Less likely to mark or scratch

  • Increasing the value of your home

  • Increasing the amount of usable outdoor space; and

  • Decking makes the most of steep sites or inclines

Deck Maintenance

Even though hardwood decking is extremely durable, it still will require some attention in terms of periodic maintenance.  The first sign of deterioration are typically cracking, splintering and fading. This is chiefly due to extended exposure to the elements; with UV rays, moisture and insect damage the primary culprits. Many native hardwoods will have natural resistance to insect damage, and you will generally not need have your timber pressure treated or sealed to ensure maximum longevity – as you would for a soft timber such as pine.